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Aplly to work at Brand Blvd

The team at Brand Blvd is not made up of employees; we are Brandies. Our core values determine how we hire, fire, eat, sleep, & breathe every day. Do you bleed green?

What is a brandie?


Don’t let our fun office culture fool you. We work our asses off here! If you’re looking for a nice, cushy 9-5 this is not the place for you. Brandies work the hours needed to get the job done. We help each other, and you will never hear us say “that’s not my job”. We are as bright & dynamic as the office we work in every day. This is a lifestyle, & Brandies are committed to this place & the core values it is built on.


Brand Blvd is recognized among our peers & competitors as being ahead of the curve. We are cutting edge, & we are always looking for what is next. Our Brandies look to improve this industry & themselves. The willingness & eagerness to constantly evolve & grow, & to embrace change & learn new things are essential to succeed here.


Brandies are honest, respectful, & ethical in everything we do. From supplier relations, to customer service, to peer interactions, to their everyday activities, we pride ourselves on leading with integrity. This is how we speak, eat, gesture, breathe, sleep, decide, & act every day. It’s the Brandie way.


We love what we do & it shows. We take pride in this company, our mission, our service, our values, our peers, & ourselves. Brand Blvd is where we work, but this culture bleeds into a Brandies’ life. It is a family; a tribe; a lifestyle, & we love it!


Brand Blvd believes in giving back to the community where we live, work, & play. We are ambassadors for Community Care & support hundreds of events & initiatives every year. Brandies are encouraged to be active members of the community, & each of us volunteers for a cause of our choosing; in a role that fits our lifestyle & skills.



"Our family tree is full of nuts." We're an odd bunch, & we love it! More than anywhere we've ever worked, Brand Blvd employees really care about each other as people. We're all human. Here, we acknowledge that. We encourage you to share, learn, persevere, & grow as professionals & as people. A company is only as good as its employees. We want our Brandies to always strive to be their good, better, & best selves.


Peer-to-Peer & other special recognition awards are presented at "The Brandies". Excluding management, these are voted on by your peers, for your peers. A ceremony is held at our AGM, where we celebrate those team members that go above & beyond, putting in that extra something special every single day. It's sincere, it's real, it's special, & it's something we all hold in high esteem.


Our Brand Specialists work hard. Getting to a million dollars in this industry is a huge deal & we have several Brandies who have done just that! We recognize their work, & we reward it. The Million Dollar Club is an exclusive group, but we're always accepting new members. Membership benefits include awards, incentives, mentorship opportunities, & more!

Health & Wellness

We believe healthy employees are happy employees! Living a healthy lifestyle comes with a plethora of benefits, physical & otherwise. We encourage a healthy culture & promote wellness throughout the year with challenges, gifts, acknowledgements, commitments, & more. Do the work. Get results. Feel awesome!


We want our Brandies to stick it out, at BB & in life in general. That’s why we’ve adopted a healthy level of paid benefits & our RBC Employee Financial Wellness Plan. At six months and two years, Brandies qualify for benefits & the financial plan, respectively. And to keep it simple & stress-free, there’s an app for that!


Our Brandies live busy lives, & life things take time. Sometimes that time falls during work time. We understand that & accommodate via flex days. Work your ass off, exceed our expectations, follow the core values, & you will be rewarded with flex hours. Restrictions apply. Abuse of this freedom is not tolerated.


Our eclectic little family includes world explorers, serial all-inclusive takers, cross-Canada travelers, couch & chill homebodies, & everything in between. All Brandies earn ten vacation days over their first year, & additional days are earned as work brandiversaries accumulate.

Social Events

We are big on social events and Brandie bonding is a big priority for us. Methodically thought out, our socials cover a wide array of activities to keep the team spirit alive. Coming together ensures we celebrate successes, resolve challenges, acknowledge notable news, & just enjoy each other’s company.


"Annual General Meeting" by name, but it's so much more than that. Surprises, challenges, activities, comradery, & of course work. Hosted outside the Niagara region every January, this event is one the whole team looks forward to all year.


We subscribe wholeheartedly to the classic "work hard play hard" mantra. When you work as hard as our Brandies do, you deserve to play hard, on us. Recognizing performance in every department is a huge part of the Brand Blvd culture.


Located in the Niagara region, we are in close proximity to a host of scrumptious food & wine businesses. Many of these are our clients. We love our clients, & our clients love us. Take a trip down the road, visit, & enjoy the fruits of their labour (juiced or otherwise).


Brand Blvd owners & co-founders, Chris & Shaun, are on site nearly every day. They take a sincere interest in every single employee whether it’s dropping by each office to say hello, or asking how you are and actually listening to the answer.


A big part of our business is corporate apparel. You should wear what you sell. We want that, & our suppliers definitely want that. Enjoy insane discounts on top quality brands.

Our People

Our Brandies all share the same core values, but each operates under their own unique mantra.

Our Culture

This is not a job. This is a career. You will be given all of the tools & support needed to excel. It’s entirely up to you whether you succeed.

Still think you’ve got what it takes?

tell us… why you?