Courtney Tobon

Sales Development Rep


Meet Courtney our book loving Brandie that was a librarian before joining our team. Baby got backs, paperbacks that is, so read the next paragraph to Sir-Mix-a Lot, you know the tune…

She likes big books and she cannot lie, from horror stories to sci-fi, and when a book comes in with a good plot base and a big spine in her face, she gets sprung, never hands it in late, cause she always meets the due date. Deep in the bio she’s reading, she’s hooked and she can’t stop speeding, through, baby, she’s lovin’ that literature, not in it for the pictures, she says “stories don’t just entertain me, reading all this stuff makes me so brainy!”

Ok, so we don't know if Courtney used to twerk to that song back in the day, but we can tell you that she's one of the nicest people you’ll ever meet. She's gifted with the natural ability to talk to others and always has a tale to tell. There’s that chapter in her life where she moved with her hubby on a whim to New Brunswick and they instantly fell in love with the lifestyle, food and culture of east coast living (she could talk about that for hours!), or just ask her about mom life with three boys and her mini Goldendoodle, June.

If Courtneys interests were in a bookstore she would be found in the coffee, gardening or cross-stitching section.

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