Krystal Morgan

Customer Service


Born and raised in Niagara, Krystal attended Brock University for Recreation and Leisure Studies and Niagara College for Event Management.

Krystal is an only child and she’s not shy about saying she has loved every minute of it. No sibling drama, no hand-me-downs and no one to tattle on her! Needless to say, Krystal is very close with her parents and deeply rooted when it comes to family.

A walking oxymoron at times, Krystal loves being around people but loves alone time. She loves the summer for the sunshine but dislikes the heat. She also doesn’t care for the cold, either. There is just no pleasing her! Despite not being happy with the temperature 99 percent of the time, she is such a wonderful person to be around as long as she layers her outfits!

There are some things Krystal can’t live without. A dance floor is where she is happiest and loves nothing more than dancing the night away. She is also obsessed with pasta, sushi and French fries, and says she could just eat those for the rest of her life and be satisfied.

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