Laurie Norris

Finance Clerk


When you meet Laurie, it’s not shocking to learn she’s an Electronic Engineering Technician graduate from Radio College of Canada. She conducts herself well and is very well-grounded.

Laurie’s all about trying to live a healthy lifestyle so heavy lifting on the job and off is not a problem for her. Laurie loves to be active and works out four to five times a week. She also reads up on health and nutrition, and loves to cook up a storm in the kitchen. She still has a sweet tooth and when it’s time to treat herself on Saturdays she does enjoy chocolate ice cream and pancakes.

Laurie's two biggest loves are her son, Gage, and travelling. She’s a self-titled “Disney and Universal-addict” and has already visited the Orlando theme parks 10 times! If you ask her why she loves it so much she will simply tell you that it makes her feel like a big kid and it’s the happiest place on earth, of course.

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