Lindsey Queen

Brand Specialist


Have you ever met someone who’s instantly likeable and they give off the most amazing vibes? Well, if you’ve met Lindsey then you would know exactly what that feels like!

As a young girl, Lindsey wanted to be two things in her life: A mom and an actress. You will be happy to know that Lindsey is now an amazing mother to two adorable kids. As far as lighting up the big screen, as fate would have it, a friend of hers wrote and produced an indy horror film some years back and Lindsey was cast as one of the main characters. Just like any good ol’ slasher film — spoiler alert — we have to tell you that she died a very dramatic and grizzly death! It didn’t win any Oscars and she’s not walking the red carpet in Cannes right now but she’s a superstar in our eyes and we will always give her two thumbs up.

When Lindsey isn’t driving her kids all over town for an insane amount of extra curricular activities, she loves to spend her “me time” eating white pizza, watching rom-coms on Netflix and cuddling her miniature Schnauzer, Mumford.

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