Mark Cressman

President and CEO


Meet Mark, our charismatic CEO who knows how to reel people in, just like he did back in the day. Picture this: a teenage Mark, armed with his wits and a charming smile, standing outside on Clifton Hill (a bustling tourist area in Niagara Falls), tasked with trying to tempt hungry passers-by into an Italian restaurant. That’s where he got his first taste of sales, and for him, it was amoré!

After studying Sociology at Brock University, Mark ventured into the world of digital media sales. With his natural talent and determination, he quickly climbed the ranks, leaving a trail of impressive sales and marketing achievements in his wake. When he came into our lives, we knew that with his experience, smarts and infectious enthusiasm, Mark was the perfect person to lead our team!

But there’s more to Mark than just business acumen. He’s a family man, proudly rocking the title of husband and father to four energetic boys. With all of them being into sports, Mark spends a lot of time at the rink, cheering on his kids as well as coaching his son’s soccer team.

When Mark isn’t busy running the show at BB, his downtime is filled with cheering on his beloved Blue Jays (…and trust us, that love runs deep in his veins!), listening to the folksy tunes of Mumford & Sons and indulging in some quality time watching re-runs of The Office!

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