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Swag That Sells: How to Prospect Like a Pro with Branded Merch

You’ve got the pitch, the charm, and the killer product. But guess what? So does everyone else. It’s time to whip out the big guns and let branded merch do the talking. Get ready to turn heads, open doors, and seal deals with some serious swag.

Why Branded Merch?

First things first, why bother with branded merch? Because it works. Simple as that. In a world where everyone’s inbox is bursting, and LinkedIn DMs are endless, standing out is the name of the game. Branded merch—when done well—isn’t just stuff; it’s an experience, a handshake, a foot in the door. It’s the difference between “Who?” and “Whoa!”


Make It Personal 

Forget generic. Your prospects aren’t robots, so why send them something that looks like it came off a conveyor belt? Strategy is key. Do some homework (we know you’re good at that) and discover what makes them tick. A gourmet gift set with a custom cutting board for the foodie? Check. A branded power bank for the client on the move? You bet. The more you show you know them, the harder it is for them to ignore you.

Take this bottle (with a portable water dish) for example...We designed it with our pet-loving, adventure-is-calling, on-the-go clients as a tangible expression that "We get you, and we got you."


Quality Over Quantity

Nobody wants a cheap pen that runs out of ink in a week. When it comes to branded merch, quality is king. Think sleek, think practical, think something they’ll actually want to keep on their desk (and maybe even show off). High-quality merch says, “We care about you,” and that’s a message no one can resist. And while you may need to pay a higher price for the item, the ROI for quality merch returns tenfold.

And remember, quality doesn't always come with a hefty price tag. By working with an agency that strategizes your merch, we can find you the best bang for your buck or ways to elevate your merch it without breaking the bank.


Tell a Story

Your merch should do more than just sit on a desk. It should tell a story about your brand, your values, and how you can solve their problems. For this, packaging is key. Create an unboxing experience that’s Instagram-worthy. Use every inch of space to reinforce your message. Think outside the box—literally.

When we were creating our Eco Blvd kit, we wanted to pave the way for the future of branded merch and show that sustainability doesn't mean sacrificing style. We used creative box design, postcards and print add-ons to help us convey our message, creating a seamless (and sustainable) unboxing experience.


Timing is Everything

Timing your outreach with the perfect piece of merch can be a game-changer. Just closed a big deal? Send a congratulatory gift. Trying to get a foot in the door? A well-timed package can turn a cold lead warm. The element of surprise is your best friend here. Make them say, “How did they know?”

We created these adorable baby kits for a sweet surprise when our clients and customers welcome a new addition to their family. Meaningful merch serves as a wonderful touch point and a great way to establish lasting connections.

The (Creative) Cherry on Top

You know what they say about first impressions—they last. And in the world of branded merch, design is everything. Creative design isn’t about slapping your logo on a product. It’s about integrating your brand’s personality, colours, and ethos into something that feels unique and valuable.

Think Bold: Bright, eye-catching designs will get your merch noticed. Don’t be afraid to use bold colours and patterns that reflect your brand’s energy.

Stay On-Brand: Your merch should feel like a natural extension of your brand. Use your brand’s colour palette, fonts, and design elements to create a cohesive look. But remember, it’s okay to stray from your typical look and feel to make a splash. Just make sure you have cohesive brand elements present on every piece.

Collaborate: Work with designers who get your vision. Their creativity, combined with your brand knowledge, can result in something extraordinary. We highly recommend looking for branded merch agencies, like Brand Blvd, with an in-house design team. Why? Our designs are made-for-merch, meaning we know how to make the most of the space available and how to do it right the first time. No need to worry about going back to the drawing board when you realize that your shirt of choice can’t be printed in 5 colours.

Go the Extra Mile: Got a lot to say? Want to make the most out of your merch? Consider wrapping your item in a belly band or adding a postcard for a personal touch. Print pieces are a cost-effective way to create an unboxing experience. Curious about print add-ons? Check out our blog on the Unboxing Experience.

Follow Up with Flair

Don’t just send it and forget it. Follow up with a bang. Use the merch as a conversation starter. “Hey, did you get the package? Just wanted to make sure it didn’t get lost in the mail (or used as a doorstop).” It’s a perfect way to segue into what you really want to talk about—how you can make their lives easier.

Ready to Up Your Game?

At Brand Blvd, we’re all about creating those “Whoa!” moments. We’ve got the ideas, the gear, and the know-how to help you prospect like a pro. Whether it’s a killer custom kit or a single piece that packs a punch, we’re here to help you stand out, make connections, and close deals.

Ready to see how branded merch can transform your prospecting game? Hit us up. We’re prepared to take your sales strategy from “meh” to “HECK YEAH!”

So, what are you waiting for? Go forth and swag out, my friend. Your next big client is just a branded piece away.

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