branded merchandise

Jillian Meller

Brand Specialist

Jillian has always lived her life to the fullest with no regrets. Well, ok…maybe she wishes she stuck with her piano lessons as a kid and probably regrets her Nick Carter crush she had as a teenager…but in the grand scheme of things, she turned out just fine and is living her best life!

Jillian comes to us with over the next 17 years of experience in the hospitality industry. She has worked in numerous roles from sales, wedding and conference planning and everything in between! Within minutes of meeting Jillian you can clearly see why she excelled in an industry that is all about the client experience. She is one of the nicest, kindest, likeable humans you will ever meet…but don’t let that sweetness fool you. She is quick as a whip and is a wealth of knowledge when it comes to business and good ol’ fashioned service. We knew very quickly that we wanted to snatch her up and make her the part of the Brand Blvd team.

Jillian cherishes her friendships and lives for her girls nights and weekends away. She also enjoys gardening and taking long bike rides with her partner in crime and her true love, her husband Scott. Jillian is also a proud mom to her step-son Gage and her son Maxx. Along with their four legged Boxer, Archie, she is surrounded by boys…and she wouldn’t have it any other way.

Norman Sinclair

Barketing Manager

  • AKA:Norm, Normie
  • Rocking it since:2018
  • Small talk:Squirrels, walks, & treats

Born on the islands of the Bahamas, this beach bum was in need of rescuing. Wanting a fur-baby of their very own, our fearless leader, Chris, and his fiancée, Steph, adopted Norman and gave him his furever home in Niagara.

When Norman’s not at puppy daycare letting off some steam with his friends, you can find him roaming the halls of BB HQ. Rumour has it, his favourite place is the design office… but he’s not playing favourites.

Norman loves going for long walks, playing with his favourite toys, and taking dream-filled naps. He’s a great mood booster and all the Brandies love having him around… a bark-tastic addition to our team!

Brandon McKee

Jack of all Trades

  • AKA:Brando, Bran, Bran-Muffin
  • Rocking it since:2019
  • Small talk:Podcasts & music

Hailing from Paris, Ontario but wanting to level up, Brandon headed to Niagara College to study Game Development. In his final year, he was part of a team that created a virtual reality game that took home the title of Game of the Year. With this accomplishment under their belts, they entered a showcase featuring 95 Ontario college and university teams and placed third! On to the next quest, he found his call of duty at BB HQ.

Keen on learning, Brandon is a human sponge! He loves listening to podcasts, genuinely getting to know others, and reading non-fiction. He has a very healthy shoe collection (*cough* obsession), and, as if he doesn’t do enough heavy lifting at Brand, he’s an avid gym-goer!

Brandon loves home-cooked meals and is often found cooking up a storm. When he’s not in the kitchen, you can find him hiking & biking around the many trails that Niagara has to offer.

Cory Pattison

Brand Specialist

  • AKA:C-Patts, Cor, Corn Dog
  • Rocking it since:2019
  • Small talk:Sports & travel

Even with his feet firmly planted in Niagara, you can’t clip this guy’s wings. He loves to travel and is always looking for adventure! After Cory graduated from Niagara College with a double degree in International Business and Operations & Supply Chain Management, he headed across the pond to attend the Cork Institute in Ireland for his Bachelor in Business degree.

After a year of drinking Guinness, taking in live music and admiring the green rolling hills, he returned to the homeland to be with his family. After all, with a Canadian mother and American father, how can you say no to two Thanksgivings!

Growing up playing, watching and coaching football, it remains his favourite game. But, he doesn’t discriminate…join him for a craft beer and he’ll chat about any sport under the sun. When he’s not wracking up his frequent flyer miles, you can also find Cory reading non-fiction books or being a social butterfly.

Whitney Charette

Customer Service

  • AKA:Whit, Beaner, Roo
  • Rocking it since:2019
  • Small talk:Marvel, her cats, movies, Disney

Meet Whitney, our resident cat fanatic. She is a devoted pet mom and just adores her fur-babies, Lando & Ollie. We happen to adore her too! With her infectious smile, razor sharp dry wit, and can-do attitude, it was obvious very quickly she was the purrr-fect fit for us here at Brand Blvd.

Even though she has settled down in her own place, Whitney is never far from home. Always with her folks, this daddy’s girl can be found watching their favourite football team, the 49ers, or chilling with mom catching up on their weekly shows.

When she’s actually home, you’ll find Whitney singing, crafting, or baking. Decorator extraordinaire, she loves putting her creative genes to work embellishing cookies & cupcakes. But don’t let that fool you, a handy gal of many talents, she also knows how to change her own tires, brakes and oil!

Meredith Johnston

Brand Specialist

  • AKA:Mere (“Mare”)
  • Rocking it since:2019
  • Small talk:Good restaurants & all of the food

Growing up in Niagara with three older brothers, Meredith decided to spread her wings and head to Ottawa where she spent three years working after college. A real mama’s girl, she eventually came home to be closer to her tight-knit fam.

A social butterfly, Mere can often be found out with her friends sampling beer and tasty eats at all the fine restaurants Niagara has to offer. Maybe it’s because of her magnetic smile, but she rarely goes out without seeing someone she knows.

When she’s not painting the town red, Meredith is happiest when she’s up north at the cottage, surrounded by friends, family and, of course, wine. She also dabbles in volleyball, soccer and golf, and loves being a spectator at sporting events.

Haley Maxwell

Brand Specialist

  • AKA:Hales, Hale-cat
  • Rocking it since:2019
  • Small talk:The Arkells, surfing, travel & DIY

Graduating from Brock University with a BA in Business Communication, Haley completed her post-grad in HR Management at Niagara College before spending four years commuting to Toronto for work. Born and raised in Niagara, she decided to stay true to her roots (& save on gas!) and found her rightful place at Brand.

Hailing from a tight-knit, French Canadian family, Haley loves their loud gatherings - tellement le fun! (Did I mention she’s fluent in French?) When she’s not visiting relatives in Québec, you can find her touring the Niagara Region searching for new restaurants, wineries and breweries.

Haley has a passion for live music paired with a pretty hefty obsession for the Arkells; she’s been to over 10 of their concerts so far! With a love of surfing, the outdoors and a desire to live in a camper van, you can bet Haley’s vacations will be spent checking off wish list destinations; Eastern Canada, Colorado and Alaska, to name a few.

Conner Wininger

Brand Specialist

  • AKA:Con-Air
  • Rocking it since:The summer of 2018
  • Small talk:His dog, sports and travel

Meet Conner, our very own brand Ninja!

Okay, so he’s not a real ninja, but he does train in the art of Muay Thai. When he’s working, he’s fast, stealthy and has cat-like reflexes…so we’ll just go with it!

Not just limited to martial arts, Conner loves sports and being active in general. In high school, he excelled in track and field and played football for seven years (even though he broke his arm four years in a row)! When he’s not participating in sports, he’s cheering on his favourite teams, athletes and sports personalities and follows them on social media - Jon Jones, Joe Rogan and the Buffalo Bills to name a few.

Conner is big on family and enjoys spending quality time with his parents, siblings and adorable Golden Doodle, Polly. In his free time, he enjoys flying his drone, eating lasagna, hanging with friends, and playing video games.

Nathan Beach

Brand Specialist

Firstly, we would like to clarify that this handsome fellow is not Dion Phaneuf (defenceman for the LA Kings), just his doppelgänger. It’s something that Nathan hears on a regular basis and if you meet Nathan in person, the similarity is eerie!

Although his life path did not take him to the NHL, it did take him to Niagara College where he received his diploma in Business - Sales and Marketing & the CCAA National Scholar Award for excellence in athletics and academics. After school, Nathan was offered the opportunity of a lifetime… to live and work in Sydney Australia. Without hesitation he packed his bags and flew off to the land down under with his girlfriend Kerissa. After five years of barbecuing, beaching and loving the Aussie life - he decided it was time to boomerang back to Niagara to start a family. Kerissa & Nathan are now married and have a beautiful daughter named Everly.

Nathan is a self confessed sports nut. He can often be found playing sports, watching sports & talking about sports! He also hits the gym on the regular, enjoys live acoustic concerts and has a healthy fear of heights.

Pedro Oliver

Graphic Designer

  • AKA:Just Pedro (or to his sister, Alfredo)
  • SMALL TALK:Everything geeky, movies, anime, pop culture

Pedro comes to us all the way from Brazil! Before deciding he needed a change of scenery, Pedro completed a 4 year advertising program in Fortaleza. Fuelled by his passion for travel, he then enrolled in the Tourism & Restaurant Operations program at Niagara college. It wasn’t long before Pedro fell in love with Canada, our craft beer selection…and Brand Blvd!

A self proclaimed nerd, Pedro loves to indulge in video games and anime. Close with his family, he enjoys going to the movies with his sister and chatting with his mom who still lives in Brazil. A swim champ from the age of 8, it’s still one of Pedro’s favourite past times when he needs to clear his mind.

Pedro loves to hang out with his friends, meet new people and learn about different cultures. If you want to geek out with him, he’d love to share a pizza and chat about all things nerd.

Ewen Eaton

Graphic Designer

  • AKA:Ewey
  • Rocking it since :2017
  • Small talk :His ’68 Mustang, graphic design, sports

After a lifetime of annunciating, we’re here to save Ewen a step. Friends, it’s pronounced “you-in” & he’s "all-in" with Brand Blvd!

Ewen hails from a small town near Ottawa, called Spencerville. After graduating from St. Lawrence College in Kingston with an Advanced Diploma in Graphic Design, he packed up his '68 Ford Mustang and moved across the province to Niagara and settled in quite nicely here at Brand.

Big on family & vintage vehicles, it was with his father that Ewen bought & fixed up his latest car. He loves the random conversations it sparks (not to mention all of the attention he gets in it)! Ewen does have another love in his life and that's his canine rescue, Eva.

In his spare time, Ewen stays active. Whether it’s goal tending in hockey, playing soccer, or refereeing various activities in college, Ewen has been immersed in sports throughout his life.

On weekends, you’ll find him exploring Niagara, its craft beers & Mexican cuisine hot spots.

Chris Lorence

Brand Specialist

Upon arriving at Brand Blvd, Chris was promptly provided with a variety of nicknames to match his quirky sense of humour. By unanimous office vote, he will henceforth be known as “Clorence”. Clorence graduated from Business Administration at Brock University, & fine-tuned his natural talent for individualization through a variety of colourful professional placements prior to landing a spot on the Brand Blvd team.

Clorence likes to keep active, mentally & physically. Instinctively inquisitive, he stays informed via social media and a variety of news outlets. Taking particular interest in sports, Clorence is an active fan & participant. He enjoys himself on the field, playing soccer, football, softball, and tries his best on the rink with hockey.

The youngest of four, Clorence loves his “three favourite sisters”, their parents, & his niece and nephews. He likes Mexican & Greek cuisine, dislikes mushrooms & gin, and has a healthy fear of squirrels.

Mike Maselli

Customer Service

  • AKA:Magic Mike
  • Rocking it since:2016
  • Small talk:Sports, pizza, & constantly keeping busy

Growing up around the corner from Brand Blvd HQ, Mike finally joined his friendly neighbourhood branding team in 2016. After graduating from Business at Brock University, he completed the Marketing post-graduate program at George Brown in Toronto. Mike plans on travelling the world one destination at a time, but always returning to his roots here in the region.

With a distaste for downtime, you’ll rarely see Mike idle. Whether he’s playing or watching, during off-hours you’ll likely find him engaged in a sporting event. He grew up playing baseball, soccer, hockey, squash, & recently picked up volleyball. He cheers for the Leafs, Jays, & Steelers; in person or perched on a stool at one of our local craft breweries.

Don’t let first impressions fool you! This bashful beau warms up quickly, & never shies from sharing a laugh, a pitcher, or a pepperoni & hot pepper pizza.

Karley Brooks

Brand Specialist

  • AKA:Kar, Lootz
  • Rocking it since:2016
  • Small talk:Music, wine, laughter, family & friends

After graduating from Waterloo University’s Social Develop Studies program, Karley moved into her Beamsville abode. This home boasts a mere six-minute commute to her parents’ house in Grimsby. Close to her family, geographically & personally, Karley is the eldest of three sisters. She & her sisters were born as three tiers on a pantone colour chart (industry joke!); Karls a fiery redhead, her middle sister a strawberry blonde, & the youngest a platinum gold.

Speaking of red, Karley spent six years in the intoxicatingly wonderful Niagara wine industry before Brand Blvd was able to “harvest” her away. This professional history & the busy Airbnb suit she hosts at home have acquainted Karley with a variety of individuals from a variety of places around the world.

These interactions have fermented Karley’s curiosity for travel. This vintage lover’s dream trip would be a drive down the coast to wine country in Sonoma, California, or to fly to Italy & “eat all of the food & drink all of the wine”.

Karley is currently on maternity leave and we look forward to welcoming her back the Spring of 2021!

Luca Vallescura

Creative Director

  • Rocking it since:2016
  • Small talk:Family, fishing, Toronto Maple Leafs, & Juventus

Hailing from an Italian-immigrant family, Luca is simultaneously one-of-a-kind & everything his heritage would suggest.

Graduating from one of only two specially accredited schools in Canada, Luca earned a Bachelor of Design in Communication Design from the world-renowned NSCAD. Luca has been professionally creative for over two decades, 15 years of which were entrepreneurial.

A true family man at heart, Luca is a proud husband & father to his wife, Lisa & their two daughters, Lauren & Julia. This couple met in high school, reconnecting years later during a cavity search. (No, not that kind!) Lisa was Luca’s dental hygienist.

Looking for Luca on his off time? Check local fishing hot spots, any season. To quote, “Fishing is my religion, & the water is my altar.” On weekends you’ll find him at his mother’s place, eating, enjoying time with family, & eating.

Darryl “Moose” Norris

Brand Specialist

  • AKA:Moose, Mooser
  • Rocking it since:2015
  • Small talk :Hockey, dogs & craft beer

Originally hailing from Edmonton, Darryl grew up in St. Catharines, where he spent most of his childhood on the hockey rink. He was a body-checking champ, which is how he got his nickname, Moose. It's stuck ever since...

After high school, Moose attended Wilfrid Laurier University where he attained a double degree in Political Science & History.

Moose brings a lot of experience to the table & has previously worked in sales, trades, & the hospitality business. Moose has finally found the job he loves here at Brand Blvd & is loving growing with the company!

Moose is known for having an incredibly infectious personality and can make new friends faster than the speed of light! He loves to play hockey, hang out with friends and volunteer his time. Moose’s biggest accomplishments so far? Those would be the girls that keep him on his toes, the ones that have him wrapped around their fingers, his daughters, Athena and Fiona.

Karen ter Harmsel

Karen ter Harmsel

Finance Manager

  • Rocking it since:2008
  • Small talk:Family, cooking, travel, & skiing

Born & raised in the Niagara Region, Karen grew up in a large, loving family of six. Her parents were hardworking people who owned & operated a small family farm. This is where she learned about ethics, family, faith, & commitment. Karen cherishes these values which align with the core values of Brand Blvd making it a great fit!

Karen joined the Brand Blvd team in January 2008 & has thoroughly enjoyed growing with Brand as we continually develop into a thriving, community-oriented company. Most of all, she appreciates the investment that Brand puts into staff members. As a long-time employee herself, she is so proud of where we are today!

Cam Hawrylenko

Graphic Designer

  • AKA:Cambo or Cammy
  • Rocking it since :2013
  • Small talk :Hockey, football, dogs, & movies

As a graduate of the Graphic Design program at Fanshawe College, Cam joined the Brand Blvd family as our first ever in house Graphic Designer. "I love working at Brand Blvd because I get the opportunity to create designs for promotional items that companies can proudly wear or use".

Cam eats the biggest lunches you will ever see in your life and still manages to maintain his impressive physique! The only thing more excessive than his food intake is his coffee consumption. For someone who drinks caffeine all day, he is the most calm, laid back person you will ever meet!

In his spare time, Cam can be found relaxing with friends & family or playing golf & hockey. Oh, and one more thing. Cam loves to prove people the time someone bet him he couldn't drink a whole bottle of maple syrup. But we'll save that “sweet” story for another time!

Shannon Heyder

Sales Manager

  • AKA:Shan, Frau
  • Rocking it since :2013
  • Small talk :Yoga, volleyball & mom life

Born & raised in Newmarket, Shannon grew up a major sports-loving jock. The only post-secondary option that made sense to her was heading to Brock University to obtain an Honours Bachelor’s Degree in Sports Management. While there, she dominated the Varsity Women’s volleyball team as a two-time OUA All-Star. 

While all of this makes her seem like one tough cookie, she’s actually an old lady at heart. Shannon spends much of her free time crafting & doing weird things like colour coordinating her highlighter drawer. She also enjoys being outside, golfing & sipping on the occasional glass of wine. Shannon is happily married and a devoted mother to her beautiful daughter, Hazleigh and her French bulldog, Monty!

Shannon loves the team approach at Brand Blvd & is happy to call this company – & Niagara – her home!

Tanner Wilson

Brand Specialist

  • AKA:Tan-Tan, Slim, Tiger, Tiny
  • Rocking it since :2015
  • Small talk :Sports, wine, & anything Jimmy Fallon-related

Tanner grew up in Renfrew, Ontario, birthplace of the NHL.

After graduating from Brock University with a Bachelor of Physical Education degree, Tanner decided to try his hand at the hospitality industry. He explored his love of wine by working as a Wine Consultant at a fantastic Niagara winery before finding his way to Brand Blvd.

Outside of work, Tanner donates his time to the Big Brothers, Big Sisters program. He has also previously participated in a Mission Trip to El Salvador, where he helped to build houses & worked at a local medical clinic.

Tanner is extremely family-oriented & is also the proud uncle of his two nieces. He also enjoys playing sports & travelling (France is his favourite destination to date).

He absolutely loves tacos & Frank’s Red Hot Sauce … he puts that “stuff” on everything!

Cassidy Fenton

Brand Specialist

  • AKA:Cass
  • Rocking it since :2014
  • Small talk :Scrapbooking, outdoor activities, travel, & video games

Cassidy graduated with honours from the Sales & Marketing Program at Niagara College and lives on the Niagara Bench in beautiful Vineland.

Brand Blvd scooped up Cassidy in 2014 & she's been loving every minute of it since! She is amazed everyday by the caliber of people she gets to work alongside & the knowledge & vast personalities that come with a young, vibrant & motivated group of people.

One of her passions in life is travel & some of her favourite spots are California, Newfoundland & Jamaica thus far. When Cass is travelling locally, she is often out and about with four legged partner in crime, Opie, the West Highland Terrier. They literally go everywhere together!

Cassidy is known in the office for her larger than life personality and her incredibly loud & infectious laugh.

Megan Braun

Customer Service/Program Specialist

  • AKA:Megs, MB
  • Rocking it since :2013
  • Small talk :Food, how to work it off, & home renovations

Before she fell in love with Brand Blvd’s fun environment, awesome people, & team approach, Megan Braun studied Business Admin/Marketing at Wilfrid Laurier University in Waterloo. A total rockstar CSR, Megan also spearheads Brand Blvd’s special program orders.

Earning her the title of Brand Blvd’s 2017 Peer to Peer award winner, Megan is a true team player. Known in the office for getting things done, no matter how busy she is you will never hear her say, “That’s not my job.”

In her spare time, Megan loves playing various sports - especially soccer & baseball, trying to survive her severe dog & cat allergies, consuming copious amounts of diet coke & chocolate, listening to country music & the occasional vacation (Australia has been her favourite destination to date).

Emma Watton

Operations Manager

  • AKA:Dexter
  • Rocking it since :2011
  • Small talk :I don't do small talk...hence the nickname. But if I did, we'd talk about concerts & country music

Who would have thought that a Sociology & Criminology graduate from Western University would gravitate to a career in the promotional products industry? It's not where Emma thought she would end up, but once she started, she quickly knew that Brand Blvd was the place for her.

Contrary to her nickname, Emma does not spend her spare time killing people in her garage... she doesn’t even have a garage. Outside of work Emma loves to stay busy. As the proud aunt of 2 beautiful nieces and a nephew, she is very family-oriented & spends the majority of her vacation days visiting her sister & brother-in-law in Saskatchewan.

Emma hates to walk on sand or grass in bare feet (yes...that is an actual thing), loves to spend her time with friends, playing sports, & attending concerts.


Natalie Molen

Sales Manager

  • AKA:Nat
  • Rocking it since:2012
  • Small talk:Local food & wine, travelling, music, & nail polish

Growing up in a family of scientists, Natalie did not follow suit. She left home after high school to study Communications & Business at Wilfrid Laurier University. After graduation, she took a slight detour & spent 6 weeks backpacking in South East Asia before falling in love with everything Brand Blvd had to offer.

Natalie volunteers for Gillian’s Place & the Canadian Mental Health Association. She is also a past recipient of Brand Blvd’s prestigious Peer-to-Peer Award for her outgoing, friendly attitude & willingness to help out whenever needed.

When she’s not changing her nail polish colour every two seconds, Natalie loves getting her hands dirty renovating her house (or pinning DIY’s she’ll never actually get around to), snuggling her dog Bunker & being a social butterfly!

Natalie is currently on maternity leave and we look forward to welcoming her back the Summer of 2021!

Allison Styger

Allison Goode

Brand Specialist

  • AKA:Alli, Disney
  • Rocking it since:2009
  • Small talk:Travelling, fashion, tapas, & her 2 dogs

Before she became a successful businesswoman in her signature sky-high heels, Allison attended Niagara College & graduated with a diploma in Sales & Marketing. Born & raised in St. Catharines, she has always known that Niagara was a place she wanted to live & start a career.

Allison is dedicated in giving back to the community and is actively involved with Community Care & other local charities. She is a graduate of Leadership Niagara, an innovative program that brings together individuals who are recognized as emerging & aspiring leaders and a past recipient of the prestigious 40 Under Forty Business Achievement Award.

With all that on the go, Alli and her husband, Tanner, still find time to be amazing parents to their daughter, Rylee. What keeps her going? Excessive amounts of chocolate and reality shows.

Allison is currently on maternity leave and we look forward to welcoming her back January 2021!

Tara Douglas

Customer Service

  • AKA:Tars, TAR TARS
  • Rocking it since:2015
  • Small talk:Country music, outdoors, wine, fitness

St. Catharines local, Tara is the self-proclaimed “baby of the family”; under her two sisters & their canine brother, Mugs. Spending six years of her youth riding horses, they lead the race for her favourite animal, but Tara doesn’t discriminate. In her spare time, you’ll find her volunteering at a local shelter, which has turned out to be an exercise in both philanthropy & self-discipline for this soft-hearted animal lover.

A past recipient of Brand Blvd’s Peer-to-Peer Award, Tara has rapidly grown within the company, both personally and professionally. It’s not just about her hard work and dedication, she has one of the most infectious laughs you’ll ever hear!

When Tara’s not playing soccer or hitting the gym, she can be found binge-streaming old sitcoms like Friends, Two and a Half Men, 90210, and According to Jim.

Angela Jamieson

Angela Jamieson

Marketing Manager

  • AKA:Mama Bear, Ange
  • Rocking it since :2010
  • Small talk:Jokes, her tiny dogs, & anything 80s

Born & raised in the UK, Angela moved to Canada in 1992 to pursue her life goals. She attended Georgian College at the age of 16 where she spent 2 years in the Business Administration program. Angela worked in numerous industries after school, gaining valuable life experience before finding her rightful place in the world at Brand Blvd where she is now living her career dream. Angela's commitment to the company & her coworkers is unwavering which has earned her the title of Mama Bear in the office.

Angela is a proud Wise Girls committee member, past Brand Blvd Peer to Peer Award winner & also a 40 Under Forty Business Achievement Award recipient.

Angela is obsessed with interior design, enjoys cooking and has a healthy addiction to jigsaw puzzles. By far, though, her biggest love is her blended family. Add her Toy Poodle & Yorkie into the mix and that’s a family of ten…yes, you read that correctly. Ten!

Chris Sinclair

Chris Sinclair

Vice President/Director of Sales

  • AKA:Minister of External Affairs, The Good Cop, Sinc
  • Rocking it since:The beginning, 2007
  • Small talk:Travel, food, wine, & fitness

Born & raised north of Owen Sound, Chris Sinclair is a tractor-driving, cow-tipping country boy at heart. He made the move to the Niagara region to complete his BA Marketing Co-op degree at Niagara College, after which Chris met Shaun Lichtenberger, & Brand Blvd was born!

Chris has received a 40 Under Forty award, a Niagara College Distinguished Alumni Award, & was named as one of ASI’s 2016 Counselor Hot 25. He believes strongly in giving back and taking an active interest in where you live, work, & play. Chris is co-founder of both the Niagara Business Group and the Niagara Golf Marathon charity event.

A self-proclaimed “sponge”, Chris is big on learning & experiencing everything life has to offer. This attitude makes him the proudly mediocre participant in many activities including (but never limited to) guitar, skeet shooting, golf, fishing and cycling. His passions for food, wine and fitness have made Niagara the perfect place for Chris to call home & cultivate Brand Blvd’s team of up-&-coming leaders.

Shaun Lichtenberger

Shaun Lichtenberger


  • AKA:Govna or "The Boss"
  • Rocking it since:Since the dawn of time (Brand Blvd time) aka 2007
  • Small talk:Music, hockey, & gardening

Born & raised in the Niagara region, Shaun was a well-rounded kid who could be primarily found at the hockey rink growing up.

Shaun is an old soul at heart & is a lover of all things traditional or vintage. He still buys a lot of his music on Vinyl (yes, he has a record player), loves craft beer & puttering around in his garden. When he is out of the office he is typically sporting a vintage poor boy cap. Shaun treasures family values & is a proud husband & father to his wife Missy and their two young children, Robbie & Emilie.

Shaun is a leader – in the office, industry, & community. A former Fanshawe College graduate with a pair of marketing diplomas, he’s equally proud of his dedication to Dale Carnegie training. He received the highest award of achievement upon graduation, & then moved on to coach the program & complete the Dale Carnegie leadership training for Managers.