branded merchandise
"Working with the team at Brand Blvd is a dream! They understand the importance for all Canadian made pieces and are so creative with their ideas." Dillon’s
"Brand Blvd provided the perfect mix of professionalism and fun when creating our logo. I have recommended them to other business owners." Russel Tech
"What makes Brand Blvd stand out is their exceptional detail-oriented, and proactive customer service." BMW Financial Services
"Love their creativity and the quality of all the projects they've done with us. Fast turnaround without sacrificing quality." FreshBooks
"Our custom online store is great and I particularly love the direct payment functionality. Brand Blvd seamlessly manages orders from our 30+ locations and always provides excellent customer service." Terrapure
"Working with Brand Blvd has been the best experience! We would not even think of going elsewhere for our branding." Conestoga Meats
"The staff at Brand Blvd is phenomenal to work with. They have a large product range, excellent quality and are extremely approachable." Velux
"Brand Blvd is the exclusive supplier of all our apparel and promotion items. Their sales staff, design team and customer service staff are amazing." Paddock
"The staff at Brand Blvd are great to work with. They are creative, detailed and professional. Thank you for your great work!" Doorway Inc.
"Brand Blvd has a good culture fit with our organization. The staff are passionate about their work and they understand our brand value and meeting the various localized needs." Meridian
"The Brand Blvd team consistently finds creative and innovative products to enhance our business branding. Their fantastic customer service and ability to produce high quality products make them an exceptional choice." UP Cannabis
"From concept creation through to product execution, the Brand Blvd team communicates with you every step of the way and the end result is always on point." Forty Creek

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