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2023's Hottest Merch Trends

It’s been an exciting year in the retail environment, with new product trends, exceptional product standards, and continued innovation that drops jaws and captivates customers. However, as we head into 2023, what trends will likely be the themes that define product development in the year?

This guide dives into what shaped the previous year to give us a robust idea of the trends that will form in 2023 through branded merchandise.


What are the memorable and impactful trends to note in 2023?

The recent pandemic and more turbulent economy are critical factors in defining product trends through the last few months. As disposable income wanes for millions of families nationwide, customers have become more selective about the products they purchase. That notion lays the groundwork for the 2023 trends. Audiences now seek higher-quality items with multi-functionality, value, and longevity.

The three core elements that will shape 2023 trends stem from that shift in product interest, outlined below:

  • Prospective customers want fewer, more versatile products of quality design
  • Lifestyle plays a significant role in product design, where buyers prefer items that are meaningful and impactful
  • Products used in everyday life make up a key pillar of interest

So we can break down 2023 product trends into four keywords: impactful, meaningful, memorable, and timeless. But what categories will feature the most prominent products heading into the next year?


Let's take a look at the four product categories that will play a significant role in 2023.


The renewal category looks toward sustainability, environmentalism, and the need for change. Renewal defines a series of product interests where buyers seek to make an impact with the products they purchase and promote reusability. We see a shift toward consumers purchasing from businesses with socially responsible business practices, where products create a promise that their goods will lead toward a better world.
More sustainable, high-value items will be the core products that make up the renewal category.


The ‘futureverse’ category is how our world continually changes through technological innovations. This trend will produce products that enrich our lives through multifunctional, sleeker designs that seamlessly fit into our lifestyles. In the coming year, advancements, portability, productivity, and efficiency will form the brunt of product design.

More people work from home and socialize on technology platforms, where consumers will seek the latest products to make their increased digital lifestyle more seamless and accessible. Anything labeled as tech savvy will likely generate excitement, leading prospective customers to engage more with the futureverse products.

Care Culture

After the last couple of years, there’s still much uncertainty, leading health and wellness to become integral to consumers’ lifestyles. Naturally, products that promote self-care and well-being see a rise in interest predicted to shape industry trends well into 2023. The current social and professional spotlight is on mental and physical health, where audiences believe that it’s a lifestyle priority.

The focus on well-being is fast developing a ‘care culture,’ with rising interest in products promoting comfort, physical fitness, and mental wellness.

Brand Collaborations

Finally, as consumers seek higher quality products that have more impact on their lives, audiences will purchase from brands and personas they trust. That's why brand collaborations make up another significant category of 2023 product trends, with popular brands syncing with famous figures to deliver meaningful desirable goods.

Creating stories, consumer value, and delivering meaning to the target audience will be a primary focus of product development next year, tied together through the brand narrative.

Get 2023 ready with these meaningful trends.

These predicted four categories will gauge the most in-demand products in 2023 as consumers become more meticulous about the products they buy and more alert about their overall longevity. We hope this guide has helped outline the promotional trends for the following year and can help your business get future-ready!

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