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Aligning Construction with the Branded Merch Blueprint

Like any building project, planning is key! Look to industry trends to help you nail down your merch plan for the year.

In an industry that’s in high demand, the construction sector has become increasingly competitive. To stand out and stay ahead of the competition, being aware of current trends and incorporating them into your marketing efforts is essential when considering your swag. Although some of the following themes are not new, we’ve noticed more conversations with clients centred around the topics influencing promotional spending.

Labour Shortages

According to the Canadian Construction Association, over 93,000 open jobs still need to be filled Canada-wide. One of the largest contributing factors is that skilled trade workers are retiring much faster than the younger generation can take their place. With technology and healthcare being big competition in the job market, tech-savvy millennials are being enticed away from hands-on construction roles more than ever before.

When looking for employment, the younger generation cares about the mission and values of a company, competitive pay and benefits, opportunities for growth and development, and a positive culture—so utilizing your swag to showcase what you offer as an employer is essential. We can help you with enticing products and impactful swag kits to support your recruitment efforts. 

Women in Construction

According to Revolutionized, recruitment campaigns targeting women have led to more than a 50% increase in females taking roles in the industry compared to the past decade. Although this has not resolved the labour shortage, it has helped companies fill some employment gaps. With more females in the industry, we’ve seen a change in swag requests, specifically when it comes to casual apparel. Simply adding women’s styles to your existing lineup will be welcomed and make everyone in your company feel seen.

Protecting Your People

Spotlighting the commitment to safety can improve a company's reputation and attract top talent. In addition to having a vast selection of protective wear that complies with CSA standards, utilizing branded merch for safety incentives has become extremely popular. From online redemption programs to awards, we can help you with all of your safety initiatives.

Sustainable Building

According to Green Building, it's estimated that as much as one-third of Canada's total waste is building-related. Many companies are moving to eco materials and putting more effort into improving their emissions status. Whether you’re promoting a new sustainable product to your end user, or simply want to infuse eco products into your swag giveaways, we can help!

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