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Beneath the Brim: What Your Favourite Hat Says About You

Like any fashion staple, your favourite hat says a lot about you. Whether you rock a beanie every season or held onto your 90s bucket hat waiting for it to make a comeback, the headwear you reach for time and time again may say a lot about your personality. What secrets lie beneath the brim? Pick your go-to accessory below and find out!

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Fitted Baseball

If you have a baseball cap for every occasion, you're rarely found sitting down. You're on-the-go attitude and active lifestyle require an effortlessly chic way to pull your outfit together without sacrificing efficiency. You love adventure and experiencing the best life has to offer. Won't someone take you out to the ball game already?!

Flat-Brimmed Baseball

If your flat-brimmed collection looks like the inside of a Lids store, you're as cool as a cucumber and as confident as Lady Gaga singing "Born This Way." You value style over simplicity and love to show off your personality with the latest kicks and the coolest fits.


If you tame your tresses with a beanie, you’re a free-spirit. You march to the beat of your own drum and like to go with the flow. You tend to be creative and usually have an artistic outlet to express yourself. Did we mention low maintenance?


If you can't help but complete your look with a bucket hat, you're all about trendsetting. You love that 90s and 2000s fashion has finally made a comeback, and use the cult classics of the generation to inspire your trendy looks. You value fashion over function and love making a statement whenever you walk into a room. Cue the lights, and strut the catwalk.

High Crown Visor

If you jumped on the resurgence of high crown sun visors, you enjoy the finer things in life. Whether you're sipping and savouring at the country club, sun tanning by the lake, or planting tomatoes in your veggie garden, you ooze class and finesse. And you always leave time for self-care.

Low Crown Visor

If you love a low crown visor, you love to be active in the summer sun. Whether you're teeing off for a round of golf or casting your lure in hopes of catching the big one, your sun visor keeps the sun out of your eyes and your head in the game.


Did someone say cottage? If cold beers and Hawaiian shirts are staples of your summer look, you probably have a couple of boonies in your wardrobe. Whether you love to cruise on the water or anchor yourself to a Muskoka chair, you love the laid-back vibes that the warm weather brings.

Did we hit the nail on the head? 

Was there synergy between your hat and your heart? While this quiz was all in good fun, we need to let you in on a little secret. Hats don't just speak volumes about the person wearing them; they speak volumes about the brands they boast. And the more customization you take advantage of, the more unique the piece becomes.

But, custom doesn't have to mean costly. Our friends at Pukka let you customize everything from knits to fits, decorations and more. They have over 100 colours, 30 fabrics, and tons of styles. And the best part? They have options for every budget!

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