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Top 10 Branded Golf Items They Won't Fore-get

You don’t have to be Tiger Woods to know that golf is having a moment right now! No longer exclusive to the serious golfer, the game now appeals to a broader audience. With that in mind, we guaran-tee that adding seasonal golf items to your merch lineup will be a big hit.

Younger athletes playing on a professional level have brought new excitement, energy and a generational fanbase to the sport leading to significant changes within the game. Golf attire has a fashion energy like never before (goodbye, plain polos with bacon collars!), and technology has significantly improved golf equipment. With more people interested in the sport, golf courses are more inclusive and accessible than ever.

With all this change, golf is not only a sport; it's now considered a form of entertainment for many. Now that everyone and their mom plays the game, adding golf swag to your merchandise plan is an excellent investment. We promise that featuring your brand on golf items will go farther than Dustin Johnsons’ drive from hole seven at Augusta National!

Avid golfers will always appreciate receiving golf items—look in any golfers bag; it’s full of tees, balls, old scorecards and divot tools. And, since they love hoarding golf “stuff,” we guarantee they’ll want to look good on the course and sport the latest trends. As for the non-golfer golfer, they’ll welcome items they may not already have.

The best part? Golf swag comes in a wide range of price points to satisfy any budget. From giveaways, seasonal incentives, team apparel and golf tournament goodies…add that golf swag to your shopping bag!

Here are ten highly requested items that can be branded or customized for the upcoming season:

1. Branded Golf Balls

By far, the biggest bang for your marketing buck! It doesn’t matter if you’re a pro or a weekend hacker; needing golf balls is as certain as death and taxes! Even if they get lost, your logo will be seen by the next person that finds them. Think of them as a travelling billboard for your brand! From cost-effective Noodles to the coveted Titleist ProV1s and everything in between, we’ve got options for giveaways and premium gifting. Due to high demand, we recommend ordering premium brands early in the year, as these typically sell out by the end of the spring.

2. Not Your Average Golf Attire

There was a time when golf attire options were traditional and limited. Not anymore! Fashion is now a big part of golf, focusing on comfort and performance. There are more options for the ladies than ever before, and brand names are stepping up their game when offering attire people want to wear on and off the course. Brands like Cutter and Buck have raised the stakes regarding quality and selection, and TravisMathew has quite the following. With golfers like John Rahm sporting their attire and celebs Mark Wahlberg and Chris Pratt as ambassadors, they bring a new, dare we even say, sexiness to golf attire!

3. Ball Hats

Ball hats have always been a solid investment in branded merch. They always stay in style and can be worn by anyone; they also happen to be a fashion staple in any golfer's wardrobe. Rope hats are currently taking the golf and retail world by storm. With the addition of creative decoration or a patch, it’s something that will be worn all year round. 

4. Golf Towels

One of the most visible accessories, adding your brand to a good golf towel is a smart way to promote your business. We love this Slowtide brand golf towel. The waffle weave pattern makes it super exorbitant; it comes with a carabiner and is made from 100% recycled materials. Not to mention it’s dynamite to look at, making it a stylish, attention-grabbing addition to any golf bag.

5. Divot Tool

We have divot tools for days, and they make great giveaways! The Pitchfix divot tool is one of our most popular requested items in this category. The world’s leading name in ball-mark repair tools and golf gifts, the Pitchfix is reliable and durable, and its ergonomic design makes it comfortable and easy to use. Perfect for any golf event customized with your logo, this is a unique and useful item.

6. Golf Gloves

Golfers will say that if you’re not wearing a glove, your clubs will give you no love! It may not be the first thing you think of for giveaways, but we assure you that gifting golf gloves that come in retail packaging from brands like FootJoy, Callaway, and TaylorMade will make a big impression. Add to a golf theme swag kit or to compliment other golf accessories; this will be perceived as a valuable and thoughtful gift.

7. Wireless Speakers

With players under 35 representing a large segment of golfers these days, playing music on the course has become acceptable and very common. Portable speakers make for a great golfer gift. Small but mighty, we love this Bumpster speaker as it fits into a golf cart cupholder and will give you ten hours of playtime so you can listen to that Caddyshack soundtrack all day long!

8. Shoe Bags

Shoe bags make great giveaways because everyone can use them! They make for a great piece to commemorate a company tournament or can be used as the packaging for a killer golf kit with more cool golf swag inside. We have done that here at Brand Blvd over the years, and it’s always been a big hit!

9. Golf Tees

“I have too many tees,” said no golfer ever. Golf tees come in various sets — from bulk packages to matchbooks, tins and more, and are the most cost-effective way to infuse golf into your giveaways. From traditional wooden to non-breakable plastic, we’re not teasing; we have options!

10. Can Tower Cooler Bag

Can’t find exactly what you’re looking for? We wanted an insulated cooler for the course that easily holds six 12ozx so we had one custom-made! Easy to take on the go or to slide into your golf bag for a cold beverage on the course. If you have the time, direct import is a great way to add custom golf items to your swag giveaways!

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