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True North Treasures: Our Fave Canadian-Made Merch

In celebration of the diversity and creativity across Canada’s 13 provinces and territories, we’re thrilled to spotlight 13 outstanding items proudly made in Canada. These gems embody top-notch Canadian craftsmanship and serve as a killer platform to elevate your brand’s street cred, spike engagement, and amplify awareness.


Canadian Cherry Wood Cribbage Board

Nothing says ‘classic Canadiana’ like this two-track cribbage board crafted from solid Canadian Cherry wood. Complete with pegs and cards and customizable with your laser logo, this board is the ultimate play to foster a sense of connection, boost office morale or gamify your client experience. Psst...order extras and outfit your office lunch rooms, lounges or client waiting rooms for a fun and engaging pastime.





Maple Candies

Sweet, Eh? These candies, tucked into customizable burlap bags, are pure Canadiana. Perfect for a sweet tooth fix at conferences or as a festive treat that spreads your brand’s flavour far and wide.




Walnut Whiskey Gift Set

Talk about a classy affair—this set features a live-edge Canadian Black Walnut serving board and two hefty 10 oz rock glasses. Brand ’em up, box ’em in style, and you’ve got the perfect luxe giveaway for top-tier clients or a swanky executive perk.



Taste of Canada Gift Set

Bottle up some Canadian spirit with this scrumptious set. It’s not just food; it’s an experience. BBQ sauce, spice rub, maple syrup, and more—all boxed up in style. This sweet (and savoury) set features an array of carefully selected, locally-made items, including a bottle of BBQ sauce, spice rub, and pure maple syrup, each embodying Canada's rich, natural tastes. Add in the BBQ brush, bamboo cutting board, and a set of wood coasters, each engraved with your logo, and you’re looking at a creative way for brand ambassadors to get a taste of what your brand is all about. This is how you spice up a relationship, Canadian style.



Customizable Dog Treats

Go wild with custom shapes, sizes, and designs on these dog treats to pamper the pooches of your pet-friendly office or dog-loving clients. It’s a quirky yet endearing way to showcase your brand’s personality and heart. Did we mention these have a shelf life of up to 1 year? So, go wild!



Wood Wall Mounted
Bottle Opener

Here’s to beers and cheers! Customize this wooden bottle opener with your brand, and it becomes the perfect buddy for brew events or a rustic-chic addition to any space. It’s a fun way to pop the top off your next marketing campaign.



Roots Leather Bag

Roots, there it is! This brand is synonymous with high-quality Canadian craftsmanship. Customizable leather goods offer luxurious corporate gifts that can impress high-value clients or top-performing employees. The longevity and utility of these items make them excellent choices for long-lasting brand visibility. Co-brand with Roots on one of their classic leather bags for a wow-worthy, jaw-dropping, luxe gift.



Reusable Tote Bag

This Canadian and union-made tote is all about high standards and ethical vibes. It’s a moving billboard that not only totes your essentials but also flaunts your logo in a big way. Ideal for trade shows, grocery runs, or as a swag bag.




The Cameron Hoodie

This isn’t just any hoodie. It’s a stylish, two-toned, zippered sweater that’s perfect for those who rep your brand—whether they’re chilling at a cafe or conquering the wilderness.




Zero Waste Soap

Lather up the green way with these all-natural, zero-waste soaps. Choose from scents like Canadian Maple or Lavender and Honey, and wrap it up in your choice of eco-packaging. It’s clean, green, and everything in between.


Colouring Book Kit

Who said you have to colour inside the lines with your branded merch? This customizable colouring book—that includes coloured pencils—offers a therapeutic escape while keeping you top of mind. It’s a thoughtful gift for any brand ambassador, encouraging mindfulness and stress reduction. Want to know what makes this made-in-Canada colouring book even better? Choose from stock colouring pages or completely customize everything!




Varsity Jacket

Rock that classic varsity vibe. This jacket is all about comfort, style, and making your brand look effortlessly cool. Customize it with patches, and you’ve got a walking conversation starter.



Forte Speaker

This speaker is so good; we just had to BB-brand it. A speaker that doubles as a wireless charger with Bluetooth® magic and sweet sound quality? Yes, please. It’s a fantastic corporate gift that offers next-level brand exposure through its luxe unboxing experience. It even has amplified packaging options like engraved foam and wrap-around sleeves for extra branding space.


Leap into the spotlight with these primo Canadian-made merch items. Whether you’re looking to jazz up your corporate swag, make a splash at your next event, or just show your team and clients love, these goods are your golden ticket. Hit us up, and let’s make your brand pop with unmatched style and substance.

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