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Dare to Dupe: Elevate Your Brand with Trendy Alternatives

Dupes...DUPES! Trending all over TikTok, consumers constantly seek near-identical matches to their favourite products. Every characteristic alike, except, well, the price point. Dupes, short for duplicates, offer the same aesthetic or features as the trending product in question and can be great options to brand if you want to provide a promo product that will generate buzz. Dupes are also great if the product you’re looking for is notoriously out of stock.

If you want to brand something they’ll talk about, here are our top 10 dupes to keep you on trend. 

Keep an eye on our DupeMeter...the higher the score, the more spot on this dupe is!


AeroLOFT™ Anywhere Belt Bag

Our DupeMeter: ★★★★★

Belt bag, fanny pack, crossbody—whatever you call it, it’s trending and for good reason. These unisex bags are small enough to be convenient but big enough to hold the necessities—your phone, wallet, and keys. While the brand that launched this style into the stratosphere can’t be co-branded, this exceptional dupe can be, and it comes in over ten amazing colours, with a large imprint area for your logo or design.

Thor 40 oz Eco-Friendly Straw Tumbler

Our DupeMeter: ★★★★☆

You know that brand that’s been around for ages but has recently skyrocketed in popularity thanks to their 30 and 40oz tumblers? Yeah, you know the one. Those tumblers can be co-branded but are often out of stock or reach (when talking budget). Well, these 40oz tumblers are incredibly similar in shape, aesthetically pleasing and come in seven colours. The best part, this one's made with 100% recycled food-grade plastic. Did we mention that 1% of your purchase of these tumblers is donated to environmental non-profits?

Berne Heritage Toque

Our DupeMeter: ★★★★★

These cuffed toques are a dead-ringer for the OG workwear brand toque that is now considered street fashion and a staple in every millennial's winter wardrobe. This version comes in twelve colours, including high-vis options. Berne doesn't just make hats either, they have a vast selection of workwear you could easily outfit your entire crew with, without sacrificing budget or quality.

Dri Duck Fleece Pullover

Our DupeMeter: ★★★★☆

Every granola girl, outdoor aficionado and hiking fanatic has at least one of these retail-brand fleece pullovers in their closet. While you can co-brand with the original brand, it can sometimes be as complicated as getting plane tickets to Patagonia, South America! The Dri Duck line is a fantastic alternative and features the classic two-toned fleece jackets and pullovers we see from their retail counterpart.

Crenshaw Textured Tumbler

Our DupeMeter: ★★★★★

We featured this luxe-looking studded tumbler in ourFalliday Trends Lookbook, but it bears repeating here in our dupes blog. These cost-effective (and spot-on) versions of the ultra popular coffee chain’s tumblers are perfect for iced macchiatos or cold brews and come in five caffeinated colours, including matte black, silver, gold, and iridescent blue. They also feature a prime spot for branding, front and centre. We loved these so much that we stocked our swag shop with Brand Blvd ones!

Salt Spring Cooler Bag

Our DupeMeter: ★★★★☆

Want luxury for half the cost? The Salt Spring Cooler Bag holds more than its name-brand competitor and costs significantly less without sacrificing quality or performance. Add your branding through heat transfer or add a suede or leather patch for more customization options. Even the Abominable snowman would love this cooler!

Kneado Handheld Massage Gun

Our DupeMeter: ★★★☆☆

Massage guns were made popular by famous athletes and health gurus and have since become a must-have accessory for wellness buffs. But, they come at a cost many aren’t willing to spend, creating desire and aiding in their appearance as a luxury item. Enter the Kneado handheld massage gun. This brandable version of the retail product is the perfect dupe and makes for a phenomenal holiday gift if you’re in the wellness space for a fraction of the cost.

Braavos True Wireless Earbuds

Our DupeMeter: ★★★☆☆

If your brand ambassadors march to the beat of their own drum, these wireless earbuds will be music to their ears. With up to 4 hours of playback time (at max volume), these Bluetooth earbuds offer hands-free playback with Voice Assistant Activation (Siri/Hey Google) and built-in music controls. They even come in premium packaging like their pricier counterpart.

In a world where trends come and go faster than ever, branding a trendy item can be the smartest move for your business. The allure of dupes lies in their ability to capture the essence of highly sought-after products, offering your audience an affordable alternative without compromising on quality or style. When you choose to brand these dupes, you're not just providing promotional merchandise; you're giving your customers something they genuinely desire. Whether it's the convenience of a belt bag, the warmth of a work jacket, or the functionality of a tumbler, your brand becomes a part of their daily lives. It's the chance to be the hero, offering coveted products they'll cherish and talk about, ensuring your brand remains top-of-mind in their hearts and conversations. So, embrace the power of trendy dupes and watch your brand's buzz grow exponentially!

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