Frosh swag kit complete with custom-designed packaging and full of high-quality branded merchandise, created for post-secondary students at Conestoga College that will be shipped directly to their address.

January 30, 2023

Exciting Swag Kits for Frosh Week

The pandemic may be behind us but Conestoga College, a top-rated school and leader in education with multiple campuses in Ontario, did such an excellent job welcoming their students during that uncertain time, we feel it’s a story worth telling! With our swag kit and direct-import solutions, we helped Conestoga College create the ultimate frosh welcome package to get students excited during their first week!

Starting post-secondary education is a significant and memorable milestone, with students looking forward to their frosh week and all of the activities and events offered. From attending events, heading into the bookstore to purchase items, meeting new classmates and making new friends… all of this was put on hold during the pandemic, leading to questions of what could be done to create an exciting welcoming experience for students now unexpectedly forced to isolate at home and learn remotely.

With Conestoga’s end goal in mind, we went to work, creating ideas and concepts that would provide students with top quality, useful branded products that would create that feel-good school pride, whether they were on or off campus.

This frosh week kit provides a welcoming and exciting unboxing experience as it includes high-quality school-branded mittens, a face mask, water bottle, pennent, selfie tripod, and postcard.

What's inside?

The final contents of each kit were all custom designed—ranging from everyday use items, such as a reusable water bottle, creatively-designed notebook, face mask, mittens and woven socks. With cell phones and social media being the primary method of communication during the pandemic, they also included a cell phone tripod for those Instagram-able moments to help their students feel connected!

To really make an impact, Conestoga College went with a fully custom box with both text and graphics printed both inside and out which made for a truly unique unboxing experience and a cool way to include a welcome message. These boxes elevate the perceived value as they look upscale and retail-inspired. As an added touch, we handled the logistics of shipping these directly to each student's home to enjoy.

By having all products and the packaging produced in one place, Brand Blvd was able to offer Conestoga competitive pricing and ship all items together which was able to provide significant cost savings and save time! Who doesn’t like the sound of that?

Take an in-depth look.

Watch Conestoga Students Inc. President, Sana Banu, unbox one of these Frosh Kits and comment on the quality of each product!

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Swag kits are an engaging way for educational institutions to take their branded merch to the next level. These unique unboxing experiences leave a more meaningful impression on students, creating a buzz on and off campus. Conestoga College has discovered the lasting positive impact these kits have for their students, and have therefore re-ordered custom kits with Brand Blvd for the past few years. Our creative team at Brand Blvd can help you make the most exciting unboxing experience to increase school spirit for your students, so they'll feel connected to their school no matter where they are learning from!

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