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Pop-Up Shop Success: How a Breast Cancer Awareness Campaign Fueled Community Spirit!

Superior Propane, a big player in propane services, has been all about Breast Cancer Awareness Month for the last two years. They're not just talking the talk; they throw down a $10,000 donation each year to back breast cancer initiatives. Additionally, Superior Propane pledged to match the value of shirts sold during these campaigns, effectively doubling the impact of their contribution. The campaign has garnered significant employee involvement, with staff members purchasing campaign-themed items to support the cause. It's a prime example of how jumping into cause marketing can boost employee engagement and spotlight a brand's mission and vision.

The Challenge

Superior Propane was ready to kick its Breast Cancer Awareness Month efforts up a notch. They wanted to spice things up with a unique and fun pop-up shop. The main goals were to get more employees involved, sell more shirts, and crank up the charitable impact through those matching contributions.

The Strategy

So, they brought in the experts at Brand Blvd to cook up the pop-up online store for Superior Propane's Breast Cancer Awareness Month campaigns in 2022 and 2023. The game plan? Create an online platform that's easy on the eyes and user-friendly, showing off all the cool campaign-themed merch. Their choice to support a cause that hits close to home for so many maximized visibility and engagement.

The Results

Superior Propane's pop-up shop for Breast Cancer Awareness Month was a smash hit over those two years:

Financial Impact: Across both campaigns, merch sales pulled in an extra $8,336 in donations adding a sweet bonus to their annual corporate donation. Doubling down by matching merch sales was a game-changer.

Employee Engagement: The pop-up shop's success showed in the numbers and the buzz across the company. Employees were all in, digging into their own pockets to purchase a collective 363 pieces of campaign-themed gear which generated about 225 online orders! That's some serious employee participation!

The Conclusion

Superior Propane's approach to its BB-created pop-up store hit the bullseye. The well-designed merch and the clear message about the company's matching contributions got more employees on board and brought in some hefty extra donations. The campaign didn't just hit its charity goals; it also pumped up the sense of community and corporate social responsibility at Superior Propane. This case study is a shout-out to the power of well-done pop-up stores – they're not just for selling swag; they're tools for sparking engagement, boosting charity impact, and making employees feel like they're part of something big.


For over 70 years, Superior Propane has been delivering propane to their customers in more than 10,000 communities across Canada. Learn more at SuperiorPropane.com.

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