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How to Brew Up Success: Simple Savoury Solutions for the Food & Beverage Industry

From menus to merch, we've got flavourful solutions for the world of food & beverage.

Today, we’re talking about ways to maximize your brand awareness, engage and appreciate your employees, and the services that can be used to get there! 

We all know that brand exposure is important for success, but let's be honest – it's not always a piece of cake.

The food and beverage industry is expansive, and the competition is as fierce as a jalapeño eating contest without a glass of milk, making it essential to stand out!

That said, let's look at tasteful ways you can stay top of mind in this booming industry.

How Branding Can Help You Achieve Sweet Success

  1. A great branding plan allows food and beverage businesses to capture the attention of hungry consumers.
    With tantalizing social media content, mouthwatering visuals, and creative advertising, companies can make their products stand out. 
  2. A variety of touchpoints helps businesses expand their reach and gain devoted customers.
    By using a mix of traditional and digital channels like print, online ads, collaborations with influential food bloggers and merch of course, you can attract a wider audience and make your brand known far and wide.
  3. A thought-out strategy fosters meaningful connections with customers. 
    By telling your brand story, offering personalized promotions, and providing top-notch customer service, you'll create a loyal fan base who'll keep returning for seconds.
  4. An impactful employee onboarding plan is crucial for recruitment efforts. 
    Extending a warm and genuine greeting will lay the foundation for a positive work experience right from day one and will set the table for a sense of belonging, engagement, and long-term retention.
  5. Employee appreciation and recognition efforts contribute significantly to a thriving workplace.
    By acknowledging your team's hard work, dedication and contributions, you'll create a sense of fulfillment that ignites a sense of loyalty and commitment that will propel your business forward.     

    And voilà! Your fool-proof plan to brewing up lasting success.

The Secret Ingredient for Customer Loyalty and Employee Satisfaction

Branded merch is more than just a giveaway or a fancy pen with your logo. It's a cost-effective marketing strategy that leaves a positive impression on customers and staff.

Merch is a powerful tool for brand recognition. When your customers rock their favourite hat or branded tumbler adorned with your logo, they become walking billboards, showcasing your brand to the world.

The benefits don't stop there. Your employees can become brand ambassadors too!

Providing them with work apparel instills a sense of pride and belonging and fosters a unified team spirit while showcasing your brand. 

Add recognition and incentive gifts into the mix, and we guarantee you'll have happy team members! Their enthusiasm and positive attitude will shine through, which translates to exceptional service, creating a memorable experience with your brand and fuelling the growth of your business.  

It's a win-win! Whether it’s uniforms for your staff, logoed items for your establishment, or home items that remind people of your amazing products and services, the possibilities of how merch can be used are endless.

Simple Ways to Build and Maintain a Business as Unique as You!

Now, let's uncover how branded merch and custom services can help you with some of your initiatives.

  1. Print and Signage
    We've got you covered when creating visually stunning menus, signs, and banner flags. These eye-catching displays boost awareness of your brand and provide a consistent, lasting experience for your customers. 
  2. Custom E-Stores 
    Let them pick from a menu! Everyone has different tastes, and giving your audience the power of choice makes the swag experience so much sweeter. From internal incentives, rewards, and uniform programs for your staff, to a platform where your loyal fans can purchase your amazing merch, custom online store solutions can add sizzle to any initiative. 
  3. Custom Design
    Your marketing materials should demonstrate how unique you are as a brand and set you apart from your competitors! Whether you're starting from scratch or looking to refresh your brand identity, our talented team can create logos, help with re-brands, and assist in designing custom-made items that perfectly capture the essence of your business. From creating restaurant menus and fun apparel for your staff to awesome designs for items sold in your retail store and more, let your imagination run wild, and we'll turn your ideas into reality.
  4. Direct Import Solutions
    We understand that cost-effectiveness is a simmering concern for many businesses. This is where direct import comes to the rescue! By working with a branded merch partner who offers direct import services, you can create high-quality custom merch in bulk without breaking the bank. This lets you launch impactful marketing campaigns with a broad reach, ensuring your brand leaves a lasting impression on your customers and your bottom line.

Our Services in The Wild: Custom Drinkware Edition

To see what custom merch can look like in real life, check out these artist-designed glasses we helped create for Canadian canned spirits and craft cocktails brand Georgian Bay Spirit Co.

To further infuse their product with a touch of home, Georgian Bay Spirit Co. chose three artists local to the Georgian Bay area to create the gorgeous art as seen on each glass. This art came to us as paintings, and our graphic designers quickly got to work adapting these original artworks into a format that could be printed on glasses. 

(One of the many perks of having an in-house design team!)

Once designed and printed, the glasses were packaged in neat little boxes that fit right on top of Georgian Bay bottles, lessening bulk and creating a seamless addition to each bottle of their amazing vodka! 

Customers received one of three designs for each bottle purchased at the LCBO – the perfect initiative to encourage collecting all three glasses. 

This collaboration with Georgian Bay Spirit Co. led to artist-designed custom drinkware that beautifully represented the local artistry and enhanced the overall product experience for their customers!

Not only was the launch of this campaign successful for Georgian Bay Spirit Co., the experience of working with us made it all the better.

Once we understood the scope of their project, we took the heavy lifting off their plate and made it happen! We went to work sourcing, searching for the best price and quality and meeting their design and package requirements. 

In addition, we provided the client with pre-production samples along the way and handled all of the logistics of this project, including drop shipping to multiple locations. This proved invaluable to the client, as inventory at each location required these add-on gifts to be placed atop each bottle.

The Final Course

So there’s the tea: we have a solid service offering to help maximize your exposure and taste that sweet ROI.

No matter where you are in your journey or however big or small your goals are, we've got the services and people to help get you where you need to be. 

So, spice up your marketing strategy and HR initiatives by incorporating some branded merch services into the mix. 

Trust us, your customers will eat it up!

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