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Insure You're Building Strong Relationships with Clients

Are you looking for a way to lock in policy renewals? Branded merchandise is a great way to show appreciation to clients and keep your company top of mind when it comes time to sign up for another year.

In a competitive market, insurance brokers and agents need strong relationships with clients to ensure policy renewal. Clients often have little to no interaction with their insurance company throughout the year, unless they need to make a claim or it’s time to renew their policy. As the industry becomes more competitive, with plentiful options for insurance companies, there is a growing risk that clients will be persuaded to take their business elsewhere. So, your service needs to be impeccable, and you need to show clients how much they matter.

Branded merch is a great tool to connect with clients and let them know that they are thought of. This can be used as a touch point to check in and see if the gift arrived or to call and say thank you for their business. Not only does merch create a sense of unity among members, but it also serves as a tangible reminder of your dedication and service to them.

For legacy clients, consider a high end or retail brand item to show your appreciation for their continued business. They are more likely to keep high end items long term and display them in their home or office. This will continue to act as a reminder of you and your company. For added thoughtfulness, you can add custom designs. The possibilities are endless. Why not make a statement and say thank you with branded merch.

From car to home or even life insurance, here are some products sure to hit the mark!

ASOBU Cup Insulator

This cupholder compatible coffee cup insulator will keep your clients’ drinks warm on their commute to work or on a road trip. It’s also a great accessory for anyone who just purchased a new vehicle and will be taking their coffee to go.
Laser etching your logo on this product will result in brand recognition that will last a lifetime!

Emergency Auto Kit

An emergency auto kit is the perfect gift to pair with a car insurance policy. Branded with your logo, not only is it practical, but it also shows you care about their safety by providing them with the tools to get back on the road.

Aspen Throw Blanket

This 100% polyester luxurious blanket is the perfect gift for any homeowner; its plushness and quality are unmatched! Personalize it with your embroidered logo, and this cozy item will become a warm reminder that your home insurance has them covered.

Charcuterie Board

Handcrafted from stunning acacia wood, this charcuterie board is a beautiful and useful option to gift any homeowner. Engrave your logo to create a timeless reminder of your service to your clients for years to come, whether they're serving guests or simply hanging it as decor in their kitchen.

Igloo Maddox Deluxe Cooler

This deluxe cooler bag is compatible for any lifestyle; Take it in the car for a road trip or bring it poolside on vacation. Your clients are sure to have multiple uses for this high-quality cooler. Showcase your brand on the front and become a part of the lasting memories they'll make when they bring this along with them, wherever they go.

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Sending quality branded merch to clients is an effective way of showing appreciation and serves as a tangible reminder of the services you provide them with. By sending them a thoughtful branded gift, they'll surely appreciate your gesture, and you're sure to be their first call for all insurance needs!

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