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Introducing Eco Blvd: Your Gateway to Sustainable Branded Merch

News flash!

The landscape of branded merch has shifted a lot.

Today, we stand at the forefront of a new era in merch – one that clicks with the conscientious consumer and aligns with the global call for sustainability. This call isn't subtle: between 2017 and 2022, global Google searches for topics involving sustainable products increased by almost 130%

This significant surge in public interest can't be denied.

Recognizing a growing need in the business world for eco-conscious solutions, we've invested time and resources to create a space that provides you with the intel, inspiration and trust you need to make sustainable swag choices. We understand that businesses are adopting more internal requirements to collab with partners who share their commitment to environmental protection.

The result? Eco Blvd: Our dedicated platform for sustainable branded merch.

Curious to know what to expect from this passion project of ours?

Keep on reading for all the deets!

The Evolution of Branded Merch: A Shift Towards Sustainability

Over the years, branded merch has gone through a big transformation, and it's no longer limited to the basics like pens and tote bags. 

Nowadays, it's all about high-quality, personalized, useful items that stand the test of time! This change aligns perfectly with the growing awareness of sustainability and the importance of circular practices. 

Say goodbye to disposable trinkets – people want durable items that make a lasting impact.

And the numbers speak for themselves. 

In a recent 2023 study, a whopping 84% of customers revealed that poor environmental practices make them iffy about a brand or company. Trust is huge, and consumers today are intelligent and environmentally conscious.

Many companies now insist on working with suppliers who can guarantee that their promotional products align with their environmental goals.

This transition is more than a passing phase; it is an essential change in how businesses function and make choices!

Meet the Pillars: 4 Major Ways Merch Can Make an Impact

At the core of Eco Blvd are 4 impactful pillars designed to support your sustainability-focused efforts.

Swag that gives back.

At Eco Blvd, we believe in the power of branded merch to go beyond just promotion. Swag That Gives Back allows your merch to become a force for good.

By partnering with brands dedicated to making a positive impact, your swag represents your brand and contributes to social and environmental causes. Businesses aligning with these initiatives showcase a commitment to meaningful social responsibility. 

This commitment significantly boosts your brand's image and encourages customer loyalty! It's more than merch; it's a statement of purpose.

Sustainability that stands out.

In a market flooded with cool merch, standing out is crucial.

Our mission towards sustainability ensures that your branded merch not only meets the high-quality standards you've come to expect from Brand Blvd, but also aligns with environmentally friendly practices.

Businesses today aren't just selling products; they're selling values. By choosing eco-friendly merch, you signal your commitment to a sustainable future, resonating with the growing eco-conscious consumer base.

Businesses with balance.

Carbon neutrality is no longer a buzzword; it's a necessity. What's carbon neutrality, you ask? Offsetting carbon emissions for a product means making up for the greenhouse gases created during its entire life cycle. This includes sourcing raw materials, manufacturing the product, transporting it, and, at the end of the product's life, disposing or recycling it. The goal is to make sure that the total amount of greenhouse gases from making and delivering the merch is either cancelled out or balanced.

We do this by having access to vendors, suppliers and freight companies with carbon-neutral initiatives that contribute to reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

The power to protect.

With the power to protect, we partner with businesses that actively support stewardship councils, environmental and wildlife protection services, and other sustainability initiatives that align with our mission. This initiative highlights a holistic approach considering every aspect of a branded item.

Businesses adopting this initiative are not just buying merch, but investing in a sustainable future and demonstrating genuine care for the planet.

Where Business Meets a Greener Future

By making the switch to sustainable swag, your company gets access to a variety of benefits that go beyond the conventional perks of branded merch.

And the benefits of eco-merch are plenty.

They span from enhanced brand reputation, improved customer loyalty, and a positive environmental impact.

In 2024, Brand Blvd is committed to elevating the focus on eco-merch. We understand that sustainability isn't just a feature; it's the future. Businesses need a guilt-free way to market their brand that is consistent with their values and contributes to a brighter tomorrow.

You'll find products and a partnership to build a better world as you navigate Eco Blvd.

Let's make a difference – one branded product at a time!

Because Your Merch Shouldn't Cost The Earth.

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