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Mental Health Awareness in the Workplace

Normalize mental health in the workplace by showing you care, encouraging discussions, and supporting employees.

Over the last decade, employers have made great strides in their approach to mental health in the workplace. That said, continually monitoring and assessing how you contribute to your employee's well-being is essential.

When mental health is ignored, it can seriously affect employees’ morale, leading to absenteeism, lower productivity, and higher staff turnover, as well as many other issues that contribute significantly to a business' success. 

Employers can foster a healthier work environment (not to mention attract top talent) by showcasing their commitment to mental health and prioritizing it. Not all initiatives or gestures have to be large to make a significant impact, and incorporating these small changes into the workplace can mean a lot to your staff.

With Mental Health Awareness month coming up in May, here are a few examples of how companies can contribute to the health and well-being of employees in the workplace and beyond.

Get Outside

Encourage employees to spend time outdoors and remove themselves from their usual work environment. Some great ways to support this include setting up outdoor workspaces, hosting a picnic lunch or encouraging outdoor huddles.
Giving swag items that can be used outside of business hours are also welcomed gifts that encourage your team to enjoy the outdoors in their personal time.

Mental Health Services

There are various ways to provide valuable tools and information to employees about mental health. These can be done through seminars, self-screening tools or giving access to teletherapy. These are good options for those struggling with mental health or to provide additional information for those wanting to learn more.

Not only is it essential to offer these services, but it's also crucial to have this information easily accessible to employees. A simple solution can be providing notebooks that include tip-in pages outlining these resources in detail. You could also offer desk items imprinted with contact information for these services.

Say Thank You!

The little things go a long way, especially if you’re a large company or have remote employees. When employees feel isolated or don't feel recognized, a small gesture can make a difference and let them know you appreciate them.
This can be done in many ways, from years of service gifts (check out these cool patches our client Vidyard gives to their staff), to sending swag kits to remote workers or creating a custom apparel piece that celebrates the completion of a significant milestone or project.

Bring your Pet to Work Day

What a fun way to spread some joy in the workplace! This is a powerful way to boost mental health. Studies show that pets reduce stress and anxiety, keeping employees calm and focused on their tasks. If bringing in pets doesn’t work for your company, consider scheduling a visit from your local therapy dogs.

If your employees are pet parents, always remember the value of pet-friendly swag. Customized bandanas, leashes, dog bowls and toys are always a big hit. Your team and their pets will appreciate your generosity.

Healthy Snack Options

According to Hoppier, office snacks are proven to improve mental health. Snacking on something healthy and nutritious during the workday will help staff feel energized for the day ahead—bite-sized happiness!

Consider giving your employees reusable water bottles to encourage hydration or start a hydration challenge amongst your team. Alternatively, a reusable bento box to promote healthy lunches on the go is a fantastic option.

Wellness Gifts

Wellness items are a great way to show your employees you genuinely care about their well-being by encouraging them to take time for themselves.

Great options include scented candles to create a calming environment, yoga mats for physical activity, adult colouring books for relaxation or a happy daylight desk lamp to brighten their day.

There are endless possibilities to help bring awareness and support your workforce with mental health.

Building a work environment that is supportive and takes action to promote mental well-being will help keep your staff resilient and driven. If you’re looking for ideas or products to promote employees’ mental health, Brand Blvd can help! 

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