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Onboarding Kits: The New Workplace Must-Have!

Welcome to the jungle! The first day at a new job can come with some jitters. In this blog, we'll explore how welcome kits filled with quality promotional merchandise are an effective way to get your new hires comfortable, introduce them to your company culture, and make them feel appreciated on their first day.

"According to research, new employees who experience a well-structured on-boarding program are 69% more likely to stay with a company for three years."

- The Society for Human Resource Management

Now more than ever, it’s important to make your new hires feel welcome in their new role.

Giving the gift of onboarding kits to new hires plays a significant role in this process. Think of your first day…you probably remember it being an overwhelming experience to say the least! From learning everyone's name, to training and filling out paperwork…it’s a lot to take in. Including a curated swag kit can add excitement to the process and gives you as the employer, the opportunity to make them feel welcome, appreciated and excited while they are navigating their new world.

The bottom line? A thoughtful welcome kit shows that you are invested in your workforce and that you care. And in case you need more convincing, the branded items within create an instant connection between your new talent and your organization—talk about building brand loyalty from the start!

Show and Tell!

We can tell you all day long how amazing onboarding kits are, but let’s show you one!

With over three hundred employees and counting, our friends at Vidyard do a great job at welcoming their new employees and have seen huge success from their onboarding kits. Their goal was to make a lasting impression while showcasing their fun and edgy vibe. They also wanted a kit that was pre-made and ready for distribution globally.

Brand Blvd to the rescue!

Once we understood Vidyard’s goals and objectives for this project, we went to work on creative ideas and sourcing meaningful products while keeping their timeline and budget top of mind.  

When it came to the final products, they chose to go with some essentials that can be used in their employee's day-to-day work life: a pen, custom-designed notebook and classic mug that included a pack of coffee and a few tea packs for an extra caffeine boost! They also wanted to include some unique products to showcase their fun culture and vibe: stickers, a cozy crew neck sweater, funky socks with their mascot, and a candy card box which works as both a sweet treat and a welcome message.

In addition to helping them select memorable items to go inside their swag kits, we helped them with on-brand packaging, storage and fulfillment all within their budget. These awesome welcome kits are now stocked in our warehouse and drop-shipped for them as needed.

Onboarding is just one of many ways to utilize swag kits.

If you're looking to increase brand awareness and recognition for your company, branded merchandise is where it's at! The brand experts at Brand Blvd can help you find the perfect promotional items to make the most of your marketing investment.

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