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PRIDE Seeds: Taking Their Loyalty Program Online

PRIDE Seeds has been a leader in Canadian Agriculture for over 70 years. Their commitment to quality and innovation sets them apart in the industry, providing growers with high-performing seeds that are tailored to specific growing conditions. With a vast selection of products and services, they have multiple dealers, Canada-wide, that sell their top-tier products designed to help farmers maximize production.

We worked closely with PRIDE Seeds to provide a company online store that provides access to a selection of their promotional merchandise 24/7. In addition to the store being accessible to the general public, we were able to incorporate a loyalty and redemption program for their dealers and growers, allowing everything to be centralized in one platform.


The Challenge

PRIDE Seeds outgrew their previous online store (no pun intended!) and were looking for a new platform to support their changing needs, with added features that would eliminate the need to manually manage their loyalty program. It was important for them to not only have a seamless shopping experience for the public, but more importantly, a way for their growers and dealers to earn and redeem points.

They wanted their dealers to have the ability to choose items that marketed the products they are selling, with the added perk of being able to send customers items as thank you gifts. For growers, they wanted them to be able to redeem items to boost employee morale and company loyalty. On top of all that, they sought the ability to showcase their website in both English and French for their shoppers.

The Solution

Brand Blvd was able to provide them with an improved online store that speaks to each of their audiences and gives them the effortless experience they were craving. As a key feature, our Programs team was able to assign different account permissions to general public users versus growers and dealers, with each account having different access to their products, redemption options or payment methods. This is an excellent solution to have one site accessible to everyone! As an added bonus, our team built this new virtual storefront with a bilingual option. Integrating this feature provided improved access to their French users who struggled using their previous English-only store.

Creative Design

Not only did Brand Blvd build the online store, but also designed all of the exciting promotional products stocking their virtual shelves. The store now includes a wide selection of items, from apparel to agriculture tools showcasing the PRIDE Seeds logo, colours and specialty designs—unique and creative items that people want to buy. As an added touch, these products fully encompass the branding and is bound to stand out when used or worn!

Click here to see the new and improved PRIDE seeds online store in action.

In the end, Brand Blvd had a happy client and PRIDE Seeds had everything they hoped for and more with their new online store.

Have a problem that needs solving? Above and beyond what you’ve read here, Brand Blvd offers a variety of services that could be added to any online store—as every business’ needs are unique. Here are a few noteworthy options:

  • A gift card program where buyers are assigned a credit to be used on the store
  • Percentage of online store proceeds donated to charity
  • Made-to-order items that are customized to match your branding

When it comes to online stores, the possibilities are endless. Whatever your challenge, Brand Blvd has solutions!

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