Photo collage of unique branded merch – including vinyl record coasters with a record player, a branded fire pit, and retro cooler at the beach. Creative and unusual swag collections, perfect ideas for promotional products that leave a lasting impression.

July 28, 2023

Unusual Swag: Unbox the Weird and Wonderful

Think outside the box. Be creative. You’ve heard it all before. You know you need to but how?!

You’ve gotta go big or bold if you want to make an impact, but launching a branded merch campaign can be overwhelming when you’re at a loss for ideas. We combed hundreds of items to find the weirdest, wildest, and most wow-worthy products you can brand for your business, so you don’t have to. Who knows? Maybe you’ll be inspired.

Welcome to the weird and wonderful world of swag. 

A photo of branded vinyl record coasters accompanied by a Vintage Record Player. An example of Creative, Unusual, and Wow-worthy Promotional Products and branded merch.

Vinyl Record Coasters

It’s the vinyl countdown! Maximalist décor is taking over social, and if you haven’t seen it, a quick TikTok search will flood your feed with elaborately designed rooms filled with incredible and creative home décor pieces. These vinyl record coasters are perfect if you’re looking for cool, creative and budget-friendly merch items. It comes with a non-slip ring on the bottom, and one side can be imprinted with a full-colour logo or design.

Convenient Dip Trip tray - Clip it into Your Car Vents to Hold Dipping Sauce. An example of Unique Branded Swag for Commuters. Wow Your Audience with Creative and Unusual Promotional Products that make their Drive a Delight.

Dip Trip™ Sauce Holder

Dip it, Dip it Real Good. Bid farewell to the dry fry. The Dip Trip clips onto a vehicle’s air vent, providing a vessel for on-the-go sauces—ranch, please! Adorn the front with a full-colour epoxy label for delicious brand exposure. These are fantastic for our friends in the transportation industry or any business where commutes are part of everyday life.

A branded 3D View Master & Photo Reel to Add a dose of Nostalgia to your unique swag. Customizable with 7 Captivating Photos to Wow Your Audience with Creative and Unusual Promotional Products at your next trade show, event or giveaway campaign.

3D View Master & Photo Reel

Here’s your daily dose of nostalgia! The 3D Viewmaster brings back a childhood classic with a custom twist. This promo piece comes with a viewfinder and a custom film roll with space for 7 images of your choosing. This is a super interactive item to use at tradeshows, events or as a fun giveaway for families.

A Branded Drone as an example of Unique Branded Merch and Swag.  Add Wow Factor to your marketing with Creative and Unusual Promotional Products showcasing your Company Logo.

Foldable Drone

A good business should be (drone)ing in brand awareness! So why not take your brand to new heights with this super unique drone. It uses a wifi connection and an app to capture photos and videos you can save to your smartphone. Of course, there’s space on the top for a full-colour logo!

Elevate any Outdoor Space with a Branded Fire Pit on the Patio. A perfect example of Unique Branded Merch and Swag. Experience the Wow Factor with Creative and Unusual Promotional Products featuring Your Company Logo.

Steel Fire Pit

Want to smoke out the competition? Go big, bold and bonfire with this steel fire pit. An item of this magnitude is excellent for long-service recognition, retirement celebrations, milestone achievements, or even as a giveaway grand prize. Screenprint your logo on the side for added fire!

Discover Tranquility with this Zen Garden branded with your company logo. An example of unique and unusual merch and swag that promotes rest, relaxation and wellness for your employees and clients.

Zen Garden

Zen thousand grains of sand = Zen thousand impressions. Our math might be off, but our point remains the same. Merch that promotes rest and relaxation is all the rage, and this Zen garden—with your engraved logo on the wood frame—will promote your company culture and make a great office addition.

This large Branded Retro Cooler is the perfect example of a unique promotional product that's perfect for keeping drinks cool at company events or to gift your brand ambassadors or use as a prize for giveaway contests and campaigns.

Vintage Cooler

Keep it cool with this 80-quart rolling cooler that can hold up to 80 12-ounce cans or a host of tasty snacks and bottles! It comes in three colours—red, black and white—and you can do a full wrap around the cooler for added customization.

A branded Breakaway Bluetooth Speaker that will give your audience a surround sound experience. A great example of high-quality, wow-worthy promotional products.

Breakaway Speaker

I want to break free...I want to break free! This song has been stuck in our heads and will be stuck in yours, too, if you brand the Breakaway Speaker. This Bluetooth speaker can be segmented into two to create a surround sound experience. This luxury item even comes in a box that splits down the middle, creating a wow-worthy unboxing experience. Logo the sides of the speaker to boost your brand.

This PowerClean Portable Spray Bottle offers Toxic Chemical-Free Cleaning Solutions to your employees and clients. Branded with your company logo is an example of unique swag and merch. A great idea for Sustainable and eco-friendly Promotional Products.


In today’s age, we’re all trying to be kinder to mother nature and make better choices for our own health. PowerClean is a portable, battery-powered spray bottle that converts table salt and tap water into a powerful cleaning solution with the power of bleach and without all the toxic chemicals. It’s like having a little chemist in your pocket or purse! Put your logo directly on the device, and add a custom sleeve to take it to the next level.

Branded Music Beat Activated String Lights are a Unique Branded Merch and Swag item that will set the mood. Spread Good Vibes and add Fun to your promotional product marketing and employee or client giveaways. Perfect for your next event.

Music Beat Activated String Lights

Stay *NSYNC with these beat-activated string lights. Decorate your space with the string lights and place your music source near the battery pack. It will pick up the beats and sync with the song. Imprint the battery pack with your colour logo and give the gift of good vibes.

Thanks for taking this ride with us on a journey through weird and wonderful branded merch. If this sparked something in you, let’s get started on your next swag campaign.

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