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Mental Health Awareness in the Workplace

Normalize mental health challenges in the workplace by encouraging discussions and providing support to employees. Learn how quality branded merch can compliment these effors.

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Putting the Social in Swag!

Looking for the latest and greatest items trending on social media? We gotchu! Consider these 6 viral products for your next swag order.

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Unique Twists on Timeless Swag

Elevate your classic swag with eye-catching creativity that your audience will reach for again and again!

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Exciting Swag Kits for Frosh Week

Learn how swag kits are an engaging way for educational institutions to take their branded merch to the next level and increase school spirit, for their students on and off campus.

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Insure You're Building Strong Relationships with Clients

Looking for a new way to lock in policy renewals? We’ll show you how branded merchandise is a great way to show appreciation to clients and keep your company top of mind when it comes time to sign up for another year.

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Investing in the Younger Generation

Are you in the finance industry? Get inspired with ways to entice a new generation of members with creative merch they’ll appreciate.

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PRIDE Seeds: Taking Their Loyalty Program Online

Good things grow when you nurture them. In this case study, we share how Brand Blvd built PRIDE Seeds an online store to host a selection of their branded merch 24/7 and sprout engagement with their dealers, growers and buyers.

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2023's Hottest Merch Trends

As we head into 2023, what trends will define product development this year? This guide dives into what shaped 2022 to give us a robust idea of the trends that will form for branded merch in 2023.

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